Chief Scientist for U.S. Southwest Watershed Research Center Visits CAU
Date:2018-12-14     View:

  On December 12th, Professor Mark Almon Nearing, chief scientist for U.S. Southwest Watershed Research Center in Tucson, Arizona, visited China Agricultural University (CAU). Gong Shiyuan, vice president of China Agricultural University met with him. Yan Haijun, president of College of Water Resource and Civil Engineering, Professor Lei Tingwu, Qu Liqin from International Research and Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation, and Tang Ying, deputy director of International Office also attended the meeting.
  On behalf of CAU, Vice President Gong extended warm welcome to Prof. Nearing and his delegation. They exchanged views on soil erosion, ecological and social problems caused by the construction of water facilities, and future bilateral cooperation in the area of water resource and science.