Announcement on Application for the Undergraduate Summer Program of Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2nd)
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In order to promot the internationalization of the education of CAU, enlarge students’ global vision and strengthen their international competence, the cooperation partner of the CAU, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, opened the summer class for CAU students. The theme of the program in 2019 is “Mediterranean Diet—from Gene to Health”. The relative issues are announced below:

I. Program Term

June 23rd,—July 4th 2018 (12 days)

II. Application Requirements

1. Third-year full-time undergraduates and over age 18;

2. Majored in Biology, Nutrition and Food Science or related areas with an outstanding performance;

3. Good at English and able to take full-English courses;

4. No disciplinary sanctions or criminal record;

5. Students who don’t have a passport or need to replace one must abtain it before May 23. Students who intend to participate the program please apply for the passport right away by yourselves.

III. Cost

The CAU students are free from tuition fee. Students need to pay for international travel fares, accommodation and meals, passport and visa application, and insurance fee, etc.

IV. Application

Two places are reserved for CAU students and the application opens until 18:00 pm, April 29th. Students who are interested, please submit the E-application form(Appendix 1) to noapl@savion.huji.ac.il and haohui@cau.edu.cn .

For more information about application, please contact Miss Hao of International Office at 62737724.

V. About the program

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, established in 1925, is the second oldest university and the highest education institution in Israel. The university is known as “Harvard of the Middle East”. The first board of the governors included Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Martin Buber, and Chaim Weizmann. The university ranks 154 in the QS World University Rankings, and ranks 192 in 2019 US News & World Report World University Rankings.

The theme of the Hebrew University’s 2019 summer program is “Mediterranean diet—from Gene to Health”. Students will fully comprehend the composition and disease prevention capability of Mediterranean diet through classes, site survey, online study and other activities.

For detailed information of the program, please check Appendix 2.

International Office

April 4, 2019


Appendix 1-Applicaiton Form.docx

Appendix 2-ELLS_Summer Course Information 2019.docx