CAU Professor Yan Haijun was awarded the title of National Advanced Individual with Technology boosting Targeted Poverty Alleviation in 2019
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Prof. Yan Haijun of College of Water Resources & Civil Engineering, being recommended by Beijing Society of Agricultural Engineering and Beijing Association for Science and Technology, was awarded the title of “National Advanced Individual with Technology boosting Targeted Poverty Alleviation in 2019”.





For many years, Professor Yan Haijun has actively engaged in the work of "serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers", led National key research and development program, and actively developed core technologies and equipment with major domestic research units and team backbones in order to solve the prominent problems in technology application. At nearly 100 bases in 16 provinces and regions across the country, Professor Yan Haijun conducted experiments and applications, finally summed up a set of technical models, and organized technical training and promotion of these models locally.


Besides, Professor Yan and the relevant departments in Xinjiang jointly carried out poverty alleviation by popularizing knowledge and technologies. He sufficiently carried out investigations and researches across Xinjiang Province, then conducted training, consultation service, on-site guidance and other activities through which the application of new technologies and equipments was promoted. His work greatly contributed to the increase of local agricultural production and income.




May 30, 2020 is the fourth "National Science and Technology Workers' Day". Professor Yan Haijun, as the representative of those who are committed to targeted poverty alleviation, was invited to attend the live broadcast that publicizes outstanding scientific & technological characters.


On June 9, Professor Yan Haijun had a live broadcast on the special program of "National Science and Technology Workers' Day". The number of audience reached more than 650,000. During the event, Professor Yan Haijun introduced the current status of agricultural irrigation in China, agricultural frontier technology and the latest research results of College of Water Resources & Civil Engineering, CAU. He also believes that agricultural science and technology workers need dedication, imparting advanced and practical agricultural technology to farmers in order to solve prominent problems in agricultural production and to achieve targeted poverty alleviation with intelligence.