CAU establishes comprehensive collaboration with the University of Sydney
Date:2020-06-30     View:

June 11th, President Sun Qixin held a video meeting with Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence of The University of Sydney to discuss and promote the comprehensive collaboration between the two universities and signed a Memorandum of Understanding.



President Sun firstly expressed condolences to Vice-Chancellor Spence, teachers and students including Chinese students of the University of Sydney for the loses in the COVID-19. He introduced the staged victory of epidemic prevention and control in China, as well as the gradual recovery of teaching, scientific research and recent student returning to school. President Sun highly appreciated Vice-Chancellor Spence's firm appeal to universities of Australia and China for more collaboration on the recent media interview. He said that the epidemic has never blocked out international collaboration and communication in the field of education, science and technology, thanks to networks and information technology. CAU is willing to work with the University of Sydney to promote communication and collaboration between China and Australia in the field of teaching, scientific research and culture, making contributions to win-win cooperation of global higher education under the current international situation.




President Sun said that as a world-class top university, The University of Sydney is one of the key partner universities of CAU for international collaboration in the future. Following Vice-Chancellor Spence's visit at the end of last year, signing Memorandum of Understanding is a new starting point for future cooperation. As for the next stage, two universities could further explore collaboration in nutrition and health, biomedicine and intelligent agriculture. Moreover, joint education programs could be explored, especially in the newly expanded teaching resources of CAU. President Sun believed that with the concerted efforts of the international community, the University of Sydney and Australian universities will eventually overcome the epidemic. President Sun encouraged mutual visits and exchanges among teachers and students after the global epidemic, and invited Vice-Chancellor Spence to visit all campuses of CAU to explore joint education programs.




Vice-Chancellor Spence introduced the prevention and control measures currently adopted by The University of Sydney and was confident for quick victory over the epidemic and reopening campuses in Australia. He firmly believed that close collaboration benefited both China and Australia and international collaboration among universities was important for coping with global challenges. The University of Sydney had been attaching great importance to international collaboration, especially with top Chinese universities. Recently, the University of Sydney had made some research progress in COVID-19 due to teamwork with Chinese partner universities. This also demonstrates the importance of international collaboration. CAU is one of the key strategic partners in China for the University of Sydney. Vice-Chancellor Spence fully agreed with President Sun's proposal about further collaboration and expected for the long-term collaboration in talent training and scientific research, so as to make contributions to the win-win cooperation in education between China and Australia.


Other attendees in the video meeting from China Agricultural University: Gong Yuanshi,Vice President, Feng Weizhe, Director of International Office, Cao Zhijun, Vice Chair of College Council of Animal Science and Technology, Zhang Wanjun, Deputy Dean of College of Grass Science and Technology. Other attendees in the video meeting from the University of Sydney: Pro Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement Kathy Belov, Dean of Faculty of Science Iain Young, School of Life and Environmental Sciences of Faculty of Science Prof Robert Park and Prof Brent Kaiser, Director of Partnerships Amanda Sayan, China Engagement Manager Mary Wang.