The Unveiling Ceremony of the Department of Nutrition and Health (Institute of Nutrition and Health)of CAU was Held
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On the morning of June 15th, President Sun Qixin, CAE Academician as well as department professor Ren Fazheng, and Vice President Gong Yuanshi jointly declared the establishment of CAU  Department of Nutrition and Health (Institute of Nutrition and Health), marking it comes into official operation.


The Department of Nutrition and Health is established directly under the university, aiming at improving the health level of Chinese resients, serving national development strategies, training senior talents, and promoting the development of discipline. 


Before the unveiling ceremony, President Sun Qixin and other participants visited the four major platforms and scientific research laboratories successively. Academician Ren Fazheng introduced the construction background, existing foundation, future planning of the Department of Nutrition and Health and the preparation work for acceptance of the High Precision Center.


The heads of departments including Office of Party and Administration Council, Graduate School, Scientific Research Institute, Development and Planning Department, Personnel Department, Beijing Construction University, Department of Nutrition and Health, High Precision Center, etc., and representatives of teachers and students participated in this event and witnessed the successful completion of the unveiling ceremony of the Department of Nutrition and Health.


Further Information:

Introduction of the Department of Nutrition and Health (Institute of Nutrition and Health), CAU


The Department of Nutrition and Health (Institute of Nutrition and Health) of CAU was established in March 2020. It is a secondary entity directly under CAU, relying on the construction of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Food Nutrition and Human Health and Key Laboratory of Food Nutrition and Quality Control (China Agricultura University), Ministry of Education.


In 2019, CAU as the first batch of universities received the opportunity to establish senior interdisciplinary subjects with four research directions, from the three levels of health assessment and prediction, disease prevention and control, and human health mechanisms to achieve basic research in healthy China.


At present, the total area of research office of the Department of Nutrition and Health (Institute of Nutrition and Health) has reached 9,826 square meters, and has built many platforms with more than 550 sets of large-scale equipment. The platforms have established good cooperative relations with domestic and foreign research institutions, including Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, Imperial College London, Wageningen University & Research, Peking University, Southern Medical University, Zhejiang University, Beijing Technology and Business University , Beijing Chao-yang Hospital,  Capital Medical University, etc., and established the transformation platform and postdoctoral workstation with many enterprises, which laid a good foundation for promoting the development of China Healthcare Industry.