ZHANG Taolin, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Visited Jilin Lishu Experimental Station
Date:2020-08-05     View:

On May 2, ZHANG Taolin, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, visited CAU Experimental Station in Lishu County during his journey of investigation and research in Jilin Province.


ZHANG Taolin and his delegation visited China Black Soil Museum, CAU Jilin Lishu Experimental Station, and high-standard demonstration base of conservation tillage in CAU National Black Soil Modern Agriculture Research Institute. He inspected the soil moisture and corn planting condition under conservative tillage. He also learned detailed information on the promotion level of conservation tillage and the use of no-tillage seeders. During the intervening time, he had in-depth exchange of views with Professor LI Baoguo, Dean of CAU College of Land Science and Technology and Head of the Experimental Station.

ZHANG praised the achievements of Jilin Lishu Experimental Station. He pointed out that it is necessary to continually deepen cooperation between universities and local communities; to give full play to enthusiasm of experts in modern agricultural industrial technology system, agricultural extension technicians and new professional farmers. By doing so, a strong joint force can be formed that makes more research achievements in agricultural science. As a result, black soil protection and utilization, rural revitalization and sustainable development will reach a new level.


ZHANG emphasized that it is necessary to fully implement food crop production strategy based on farmland management and technological application, to actively promote green production methods such as protective farming, and to consolidate the agricultural foundation. He pointed out that the promotion of conservation tillage is not a one-day job and it demands great patience. It is necessary to have a long-term plan, but also to work in the present moment, making conservation tillage benefit people.

Other attendees of the investigation included MARA officials, Vice Governor LI Yue of Jilin Province, and leaderships from governments at all levels in Jilin.