China Agricultural University Library consists of two parts, East Library (17 Qinghua East Road) and West Library (2 Yuanmingyuan West Road) occupying 21,665 square meters and hosting more than 2700 reading seats.

China Agricultural University Library (CAUL) is one of most important libraries in agricultural education and research in China. Our major collections include paper documents (more than 1.7 million volumes), electronic journals (more than 2.5 millions), and electronic books (more than 4 millions). The collections emphasize agricultural science, biology and agricultural engineering.

There are 113 librarians and staff working in the library, including 40 research librarians and associate research librarians. Among us, 29 librarians are post-graduates. CAUL also functions as National Agricultural Information Center of CALIS (China Academic Library & Information System) and National Foreign Textbook Center in Agriculture. Haidian District Agriculture Library affiliates with the China Agricultural University Library.

CAUL has established automatic information service system in 1995. Now it runs efficiently and successfully.

User education is one of main functions of CAUL. The library provides different kinds of training courses and workshops to students and faculties every year. CAUL has been active for a number of years in developing international communications and cooperations. CAUL pursues in collection development, personalized information service, and resource sharing.

Access to Libraries

To access the library, visitors may apply for a temporary ticket by showing resident Identity Cards / passport, and a letter of introduction from the institution they are studying or working at. The temporary ticket will charge 2 yuan RMB and is valid only for the very day. With the temporary ticket, visitors may use all kinds of printed materials and public facilities, but not enjoy borrowing privileges.