• Chairman of University Council

    Jiang Peimin

    Preside over the overall work of University Council.
    Assist the president in managing Party & Administration Council.

  • President

    Sun Qixin

    Preside over the Affairs of Administration.
    Assist Chairman of Uni, Council in managing Party & Administration Council .
    Assist in managing Audit Department.

  • Vice-Chairman of Uni. Council

    Zhang Dongjun

    Assist Chairman in the daily work of Uni. Council.
    Assist in managing Organization Dep. of Uni. Council(CPC School),
    United Front Work Dep.,
    Uni. Council Research Office,
    Labor Union,
    Finance Dep.(Accounting Center),
    State-owned Assets Management Office,
    Retired Faculties Office,
    Education Foundation,
    Alumni’s Affairs O

  • Vice President

    Wang Tao

    Assist in managing Undergraduate School,
    Laboratory Management Office,
    Informatization Office,
    College of Continuing Education(Online Education),
    Archives and School History Museum,
    Yantai Research Institute.
    In charge of College of Animal Science & Tech.,
    College of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering.

  • Vice Chairman of Uni. Council

    Ning Qiuya

    Assist in managing Uni. Council Student Affairs Dep.(Student Office, Armed Forces Office),
    Uni. Council Postgraduates Affairs Dep.,
    Uni. Council Security Office(Office of Uni. Security),
    Career Development and Entrepreneurship Office,
    Youth League Committee,
    Dep. of Arts & Physical Edu.,
    Gym Management Center.
    In charge o

  • Vice President

    Gong Yuanshi

    Assist in managing Science and Technology Development Dep.,
    Development & Planning Office,
    International Office (Hong Kong, Macao&Taiwan Office),
    Social Service Office (New Rural Development Institute),
    Zhuozhou Teaching Experimental Field,
    Shangzhuang Experimental Station,
    Quzhou Experimental Station,
    Major Construction

  • Vice-President

    Qian Xuejun

    Assist in managing Logistics Support Office,
    Infrastructure Dep.,
    Operational Asset Management Committee Office,
    Asset Management Company.
    In charge of College of Humanities and Development.

  • Vice President

    Xin Xian

    Assist the President in audit work.
    Assist in managing Postgraduate School,
    Human Resource Office,
    Talent Work Office,
    University Hospital.
    In charge of College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering,
    College of Economics & Management.
    Also serve as Dean of Postgraduate School.

  • Vice-Chairman of Uni. Council
    Chairman of the Discipline Inspection Committee

    QIN Shicheng

    Assist in managing Uni. Council Inspection and Guidance Office,
    Uni, Council Propaganda Dep.,
    Office of Discipline Inspection Committee (Supervision Dep.),
    Uni, Council Teachers Affairs Dep.
    In charge of College of Resources and Environmental Sciences,
    College of Engineering,
    College of Marxism.